Architecture and Landscaping: Things To Look For While Traveling

In addition to just enjoying yourself in a regular manner while out traveling your vacation-centric places, it’s also fun to specifically look at architecture and landscaping, perhaps the grass landscape or the hard landscape for example. Even if those are things that you’re not necessarily interested in normally, specifically choosing to focus on them, you’ll engage in more of your environment, potentially feeling like your vacation is a deeper experience.

Consider looking for details like clean borders on area, themed setups, historically important areas, local color and style, and then potentially finding ideas to poach for your own home and garden setups.

Clean Borders

When businesses, developers, or even cities pay attention to cleaning up environmental borders between areas, it can have a very pleasant effect. Think of how soothing it is to see the edges of a golf course, or how interesting visually it is to see the edge of a forest create a clean line on the horizon. If landscapers pay attention to those borders, you can appreciate the effort and foresight it took to put them in place while on your next vacation.

Themed Areas

When is the last time you visited a themed landscape? Some classic examples would be something like a hedge maze on castle grounds somewhere, or a Christmas-themed village, or maybe even some kind of spooky trail set up for Halloween. The more time and effort the developers put into the effort, the more interesting the experience can be for you, especially if you go into it thinking about those details in advance. It can actually be the focus of a trip to attend an event at these themed destinations, for people who want to make that their entire purpose.

Historically Important Areas

Sometimes history will preserve the architectural focus of an area. Because an area is historically important, in other words, a community or perhaps even a business will make sure that it stays unchanged over time. This is how you can visit certain places in England, France, or Italy for instance that have incredible museums and churches.

Local Color

In lots of densely packed neighborhoods, you can pay attention to unique local architecture and landscaping. A few ideas would be to wander around some of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles or New York, and just absorb all of the art that has found its way into mass consciousness in those areas.

Ideas For Your Own Home and Garden

And while you’re on your vacation, always keep an eye out for ways that you can steal ideas to take home with you. If you see a particular style that you really enjoy, take a few pictures, and then see if you can emulate it when you return for your trip. It will always be a conversation piece that way as well!

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