America’s Most Beautiful East Coast Road Trip Destinations

Most people envision the colorful changing leaves of Fall when they consider the East Coast of the U.S., but the truth of the matter is that no matter the season, the East Coast will not fail to provide a gorgeous sight to see.  

There is no mistaking the aesthetic of the many different landscapes present in the U.S., and the East Coast has no shortage of unforgettable places to experience.  Take a few moments to read a little about a few of the most beautiful and popular East Coast road trip destinations, and get ready to load up the car.

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond sits comfortably in the heart of the East Coast.  The roads to Richmond are full of adventures along the way, just be careful not to get yourself into any sticky situations, and drive safe to avoid accidents.  The object of the trip is to relax.  

When you make it alive, check out Hollywood Cemetery, the final resting place for two U.S. presidents and six Virginia governors.  The design of destination is unlike any other, and its gorgeous landscaping extends to a 135-acre garden, equipped with paths for exploring.  

Annapolis, Maryland

Visit Annapolis on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, and enjoy a nautical experience.  In Spring, Annapolis is overcome with sailboats looming on the horizon as the area hosts an annual Spring Sailboat Show.  

Visit the campus of the United States Naval Academy to get a hint of a different life.  Check out the 1908 chapel, and sign up for a tour of the Naval Academy campus.

Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Another historic seaside destination for road trippers is Fairhaven, Massachusetts.  The New England area of the United States is full of historic sights to see and age old stories to be told.  Fairhaven is an East Coast town with a rich shipbuilding history, and it shows.  

The architecture of the buildings in Fairhaven is colonial and Victorian in style.  You may also enjoy scoping out the castle-like structures and sea captain homes.  As New England architecture often portrays, Fairhaven is a gothic-looking town.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is one of the East Coast’s most popular summer hotspots, but you may want to visit in the offseason.  Avoiding the crowds of tourists will give you a peaceful opportunity to scour the town with little interference.  

Visiting in the offseason will allow you and your traveling party to enjoy the native wildlife and scenic landscapes without all the hustle and bustle of a crowd.  The area is covered in maritime forests and rolling dunes along the ocean shores.

Ocala, Florida

If you want to take a different sort of look at Florida, then reroute your caravan to Ocala.  Ocala is unlike the goto coastal locations in the state, as it is covered in farms and ranches instead.

Ocala is the Horse Capital of the World, and home to the Ocala National Forest.  You can hike through swamplands, and marvel at the giant maples, sweetgums and oak trees in the area.

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