Top Three Restaurants To Eat Thai Food In Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is the most popular country in Southeast Asia among travellers. With its sandy beaches, awesome food and sun drenched islands, this country has become the go to destination for many tourists around the globe. Among all of Thailand’s islands, KohSamui is one of the most beautiful islands to head to, if you are looking for the most relaxing, luxurious vacation. The island is lined with luxury tourist resorts and bars and restaurants to make sure that you have the most wonderful time. However, as every year more and more tourists visit KohSamui to spend their luxury Thailand vacations,the island can feel a bit touristy and westernised. If you are someone who wants a more local experience and explore the rich culture of Thailand, then trying Thailand’s own food can be the way to go while you are here.

Thailand has a very strong connection with their food. The Thai cuisine speaks a lot about their history, culture and geography. The country produces very different types of ingredients in its different regions, and that’s why the food and the cooking style also varies from region to region. While you spend your days relaxing in KohSamui, indulging yourself into the food from various regions of true Thai food will be a great way to delve into the Thai culture. There are a lot of great restaurants in KohSamui which serves authentic Thai food, cooked in a true Thai manner. Local Thai people themselves love to eat at these restaurants.Here is a list of the top three restaurants serving authentic Thai food in KohSamui. Eating at any of these restaurants will provide you with an experience which is inherently Thai in every way.

1. Sabeinglae Restaurant

Sabeinglae Restaurant is most probably the most popular and well-known restaurant in KohSamui among the locals. Located just south of Lamai Beach, this place is an institution when it comes to Thai cuisine. The restaurant is especially known for serving local KohSamui specialities and seafood dishes. It is one of the more upscale local food joints you can find in KohSamui, and you will get the menu in English and Thai both. However, some of the most local delicacies are missing from the English menu. So if you want to go extremely authentic, then you might need some help from the waiters. Their signature dishes include Waikhua – a squid dish cooked in coconut gravy, Yam Sabeinglae – their speciality seafood salad, and Moo khuakoy – stir fried pork with shrimp paste. Pladaengneungmanao – whole steamed fresh fish is also worth trying.

 2. Ran LanSaka Restaurant

Located in the Mae Nam area of this beautiful island, the Ran LanSaka Restaurant can very well be the best restaurant in all of KohSamui. This place serves the best Southern Thai food, mainly consisting of spicy curries made with the freshest local ingredients. This restaurant is not at all upscale. It’s just a small roadside rice and curry restaurant, but the food you get here is totally worth eating at this joint. From Gaengsomplasabarot – a southern style sour fish curry, Gaenggaibaan – a southern style curry made with chicken, Plasomtod – deep fried preserved fish to GaengMoo – a curried pork; anything you order here will make your mouth happy.Also, remember to try the Nam prikkapi – a Thai style chilli sauce served with raw vegetables which you get here.

 3. Supattra Thai Dining

Considered the best restaurant of KohSamui by many tourists, Supattra Thai Dining serves beautiful and authentic Thai food in a westernized package. The decor of this restaurant and the plating of the food will resemble a more modern, western restaurant. But take a bite of their food and you’ll understand that the food is purely Thai at heart. Their Southern Style Blue Crab curry with Wild Betel Leaves,  PlaHorBai Tong – whole fish grilled in banana leaves, and Yam Ha Plee – shrimp and chicken with banana flower are the must try dishes here.

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