Top Destinations For Getting ‘Hitched’ In The U.S.

That destination wedding you have been dreaming of need not be located halfway across the globe and cost your life savings.  There are more gorgeous, welcoming, affordable options here at home than you might realize.  

The United States is a huge chunk of land, and the nation’s borders cover a very diverse area of the world.  The East Coast culture is completely different than the West Coast culture, and the North and South are also quite different from each other.  

There is much to be seen and felt in this melting pot of a country.  A destination wedding doesn’t have to be so far away.  Check out a few of these destinations, and start planning the happiest day of your life.  

Almost anywhere in Florida

Florida has a range of beautiful destinations to offer a couple in search of a space for love and marriage.  There are coastal destinations and inland places to build the most stellar of memories.  If it is a tropical beach wedding you seek, check out Destin, Clearwater, or the Florida Keys.  

Move inland a bit, and you can plan a wedding with the Everglades as the backdrop.  Edgy alligator weddings make people smile.  There’s also Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  

Sedona, Arizona

The Bell Rock Inn is one of the most popular hotspots for newlyweds this year.  Sedona is gaining popularity as a wedding destination due to its extremely affordable economy.  The scenery in the area is an eye-catching desert meets the forest type of backdrop.  

The famous red rocks of Sedona are something to stop and stare at when the sun sets over the horizon, and there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy.  The “shop-portunities” are also something to get excited about.

The Virgin Islands

Who doesn’t want to get married in the U.S. Virgin Islands?  The ultimate coastal destination for the tying of the knot, the Virgin Islands could serve the needs of a wedding and a honeymoon.  Save the extra travel days, and stay in the Islands for your honeymoon.  

Lake Tahoe, California

Your mind may go towards a ski resort when your hear Lake Tahoe, but it’s not too shabby for a wedding either.  Say “I do” by one of the most gorgeous lakes in the whole of the U.S.  

There is no shortage of activities to keep the wedding party entertained for the length of the visit, and Lake Tahoe is surprisingly budget-friendly.  Check out the garden of the Olympic Village Inn for a beautiful place to stay.

Savannah, Georgia

For an intimate, Southern-style wedding, check out what Savannah, Georgia has to offer.  If you want a traditional, old-south wedding, Savannah can certainly fulfill your request.  

Roads lined with hanging moss, quaint cobblestone streets, and historic mansions make Savannah the perfect wedding spot.  It is just as beautiful, but much more affordable than Charleston, making Savannah a worthy alternative.

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