Robbers, Bugs, and Bears, Oh My: 3 Tips For a Safer Camping Trip

In the days of the pioneers, camping was not a source of entertainment, but a way of life. Making sure things were safe was a real matter of life or death.

Today, camping is more of a getaway for most and even though we may not have to worry about being attacked by Native Americans or outlaws on horseback, we do have dangers that we must address in order to truly enjoy a safe time out camping with our loved ones and friends.

Below are three such pests that can turn a really good time into an emergency call to 911 in a hurry and how you might side-step the threat.


There are a few things that have remained constant throughout time. One of those, unfortunately, is the crime. Although the bandits and outlaws of the wild west are all but extinct, the deceiving desire to obtain things that do not belong to you has survived in the heart of the modern robber.

However, today’s thief is a much larger threat than the masked bandits of old. Time has created an opportunity for the craft of thievery to evolve. Their tactics are better thought out, modern drugs give them a false sense of invincibility, and a guise of entitlement drives them to an unbiased choice of victims.

As camping provides a slightly less protected environment, it is important to take precautions that will keep you and your family safe. A great way to deter a robber is to have your own lethal protection. Get a permit to conceal and carry and you can almost guarantee you perpetrator will move on. You can also choose a safer destination such as a caravan park. The added populous and lights will make you a harder target.  


Any time you choose to spend your vacation outside, you will have to fend off nature in one way or another. Most of the time, your biggest war will be with the bugs. So, what’s dangerous about a few bug bites? Have you ever heard of Lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever?

How about the Zika virus or malaria? These are just the tick and mosquito-borne illnesses. Depending on where you choose to do your camping, you may also have to deal with scorpions and poisonous spiders.

Most of the time, there is nothing more effective than the heel of your boot for killing bugs, but there are other helpful ideas. Pack some citronella candles to help keep the mosquitos at bay while your kids play. There are sprays you can wear that will deter tick bites and most other bugs, as well.


Should you choose to rough it in the woods the old fashion way, bears may be a concern you will want to pay attention to. The sense of smell on a black bear is seven times that of a dog. They are capable of picking your scent up and the smell of any food you bring from up to a mile away. So, the main thing you want to hone in on is your food.

This will be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a bear. First, be a little picky about what kinds of food you bring. It turns out that bears have at least the same affinity that most of us have for bacon. Don’t tempt them. Second, you will want to immediately wash any dishes you use and the utensils utilized for cooking.

Third, it’s not a bad idea to have a set of clothing just for cooking. The smell of food clings to clothing and will follow you to bed if you don’t change. Last, in order to make things more difficult for your furry friend, hang all your food stores in a water and smell proof bag 10-12 feet above the ground and 4-6 ft out from the trunk of the tree.

Camping is a pastime that can be the adventure of a lifetime. Follow the advice above to make it a safe one.

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