Outdoor Adventures to Discover in Jackson Hole

“Paddle!” shouts the guide. The occupants of your raft dip their paddles and stroke furiously. The boat bumps along and waves splash over the bow and sides, soaking you. Exhilaration mingles with a little fear. As soon as the river calms, you pinch yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming. This whitewater trip and the magnificent scenery that surrounds you seem too perfect.

Do you love outdoor adventures? A rafting experience such as this is only one of the many outdoor adventures you can have on a visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

What’s So Special About Jackson Hole?

Whether you enjoy summer or winter adventures, the climate of Jackson Hole is just right for both seasons. Blessed by a plethora of sunny days throughout the year, the area gets a huge amount of snow in the winter. This climate, combined with a landscape of high mountains, rushing rivers, fish-filled streams, and pristine lakes make for a perfect playground.

Getting There and Where to Stay

Pioneers had to climb mountains and ford streams to reach the valley of Jackson Hole. Now, modern-day travelers can fly in and out of the Jackson Hole Airport. You can also drive to Jackson from any direction in the U.S., although only a few roads lead right into the valley.

Yellowstone National Park borders Jackson Hole to the north. It might be faster to detour west or east of the park if you aren’t interested in driving its scenic but sometimes congested single-lane roadways. Beware of falling rock and winter storms, which can make driving conditions hazardous, especially over Teton Pass. It’s always smart to check the road conditions before setting out. There are hotels for every budget in the valley, but you’ll be wise to book ahead.

Summer Fun

Image via Flickr by Sangre-La.com

You can do every level of scenic hiking in Jackson Hole. Climb a mountain peak or meander a well-groomed trail. Ride some rushing river rapids or ride horseback. Trawl a line while floating down a river. Go fly-fishing while standing in a quiet stream, wearing hip waders and a life vest. Escape the hectic pace of life by sleeping in a tent or singing songs around a campfire after a chuck wagon dinner. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera or your paintbrush. You’ll want to take home a memory of the scenery of Jackson Hole.

Winter Fun

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Jackson Hole is known as a skier’s paradise. Whether you downhill, cross-country, or even heli-ski, you’ll find world-class opportunities to do all three. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and dogsledding are other fun ways to explore the valley on a winter day. After you tire from these activities, take a snow coach tour. It’s a great way to visit the Old Faithful Geyser and the perfect opportunity to see wildlife in the park.

For anyone who seeks either a heart-pounding or stress-reducing outdoor adventure in a beautiful spot, Jackson Hole is the place to visit during any season.

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