Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Discovering new places, meeting new cultures and exploring. Isn’t that what traveling is all about? And in order to have a good traveling experience one must be well-equipped. We won’t argue that travel-lovers do what they love the most because of their wanderlust spirit, but in order to have great experiences, you have to be a smart traveler. And that’s why we want to introduce you to must-have travel gadgets that will help you out a lot on your future journeys.

A (smart) padlock

Even though most hotels and hostels provide a locker these days, you might be asked to put your own padlock to lock away your valuables or even your entire bag when you leave the room during the day. And you’ve probably heard of two kinds of padlocks. One that has a little key with it and another with a code combination lock. You probably won’t be making a mistake should you opt for these ‘old school’ padlocks. However, ‘smart’ Bluetooth padlocks are becoming more and more popular nowadays. And it’s quite easy to see why. You don’t need a key and you don’t need a number combination. Guess what – your phone is your key! These padlocks are accessed through an app on your smartphone and with one tap you’ll be able to unlock your stuff. Amazing, right?

Power adaptor

How many times have you been in a situation where you’ve just arrived in some foreign country and as soon as you enter your hotel room you realize that you can’t plug in your phone to charge it? One too many times we’d guess. Well, that’s why it is good to equip yourself with an appropriate power adaptor. For example, you’re an Aussie who’s looking forward to visiting Europe. But you know that folks in Europe have strange power sockets. And you most certainly need to recharge your smartphone during your stay. That’s where power adaptors such as the Go Travel – Adaptor Australia for Europe come in handy! Spare yourself a headache and buy the right one on time.

A steam iron

Have you heard of the world’s smallest steam iron? Sounds cute, right? It is quite efficient too. Featuring a 420-watt motor and three fabric heating levels, this mini travel steam iron is the smallest of its kind in the world. The compact device is about the size of a computer mouse and can be extremely useful for business travelers who are on the road and need to remove the inevitable wrinkles from packed clothing.

Flask light

Part flashlight, part beverage container, this unique multifunctional tool is an awesome travel accessory for camping enthusiasts, festival goers, fishing aficionados, and anyone in between. Besides holding 10 ounces of your favorite beverage, the VSSL Flask includes two collapsible stainless steel shot cups, a bottle opener, a compass, and a powerful LED flood beam flashlight. This is a must-have for all of you adventurers out there!

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