Mixing Business And Pleasure: 4 Tips For Work Travel

If you travel for work, it’s bound to happen eventually – you’re going to get sent somewhere really fun and it’s going to make getting your job done exponentially harder. Luckily, no one expects you to be all work and no play as long as you make your best effort to balance the two and accomplish what you were sent to do.

So what’s the protocol for balancing work and play when you’re doing business beachside? Here are 4 tips that can help you stay on your boss’s good side while enjoying your trip.

Ask About Family

Most employers are open to family participating in work travel as long as they pay their own way, but make sure you plan for them to explore on their own. One solution is to book family members into an activity-packed resort for your stay so that they can keep busy while you’re at meetings without having to travel all over. You can also take a few vacation days on either side of your trip to spend exploring your destination with family.

Make Plans With Coworkers

If you’re traveling with coworkers to an interesting destination, look for local activities you can do together during your off time. Tour historic sites together or participate in an athletic activity – this is also a good way to build publicity during your travels. Your activities make good social media fodder for your company because it demonstrates a sense of community and camaraderie beyond the office.

Put Cuisine At The Center

International food culture is a hot part of sightseeing today and even business travelers need to eat. Schedule your meetings at popular local restaurants or use your office hours to explore the regional cuisine. Eating like the locals eat, rather than in stuffy tourist spots, can give you a real sense of the culture and history of a place.

Line Up Meetings

Obviously, your main role when on a business trip is to go to the necessary meetings, execute deals, or oversee important operations, but that doesn’t mean you have to let everyone else dictate your schedule. Work with business partners to schedule your meetings back-to-back early in the day so that you can devote the rest of the day to sightseeing. Scheduling your meetings at the same time will also help keep you focused on work and make your more efficient since a change of location can really throw off your work routine.

By employing these simple strategies you can make your next work trip the best one yet. The secret lies in finding the balancing – getting it all done while taking it all in. Once you realize you can enjoy your destination while still being productive, work travel takes on a whole new meaning.

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