7 Unbelievable Hiking Tips you will Surely Love

Hiking and camping can seem intimidating at times. In the end, you are supposed to go into the wilderness and survive for a couple of days. This can be really hard for city people, most of which never had an opportunity to even set up a tent.

Luckily, you can easily learn all the basics. When it comes to hiking, most of the process revolves around thorough preparation. If you manage this, you are likely to be ok.

Check these 7 hiking tips that will help you out big time!

  1. Good physical shape is a must!

Hiking is probably one of the most arduous physical activities you will ever do in your life. Your entire body will experience enormous stress and you will constantly feel as if you lack energy. Best way to approach the issue is by getting into shape. But, even with a long period of preparation, your first hiking adventure will still be challenging.

  1. Tell people where you’re going

Adventurers and nomads love hiking. It is a perfect activity for all those who hate spending time in the same place. Unfortunately, guys such as this usually have one big flaw. As they are always on the move, they rarely notify others where they are going. This can be a big problem. Every trail has hidden dangers. You can get into trouble in no time. It makes it even worse if no one knows that you’ve fallen into one. So, make sure to notify your friends and family and call them every few days.

  1. Learn more about the trail

You can easily find all the information about a particular trail on the Internet. You will have to learn more about local flora and fauna, terrain and weather, places where you can buy food and rest etc. This is a necessary precaution measure which can even save your life!

  1. Plan your days

Unless you are a thru-hiker, it is best to plan every day. Ideally, you should hike from shelter to shelter. After a long hard day, it becomes really hard setting up the tent. So, you can make a hiking schedule of 10 to 15 miles per day which should end at a shelter where you will sleep. Have in mind that this distance will vary from point to point and from trail to trail. Nevertheless, this is a common, expected distance that an average hiker can cross in a day. Make sure not exert yourself too much.

  1. Get enough food

You will constantly feel dehydrated and exhausted while on a trail. That is a fact. This is why you will have to get surplus food, much more than you would actually eat. Anyway, as you start hiking, you will probably find your stride. Best way to carry it is by dehydrating it. Dry food will take less space in your backpack thus; you will be able to carry much more of it.

  1. Choose ultralight

Heavy backpack will quickly pull you down. It can also lead to some serious injuries. Make sure to travel ultralight (this is a great guide on ultralight backpacking). Consult with an experienced hiker as to what to carry. The matter of fact is that most of the things are not necessary. By carrying less weight, you will be able to hike longer and to properly enjoy the nature.

  1. Be mindful of strangers

Although most people seem cheerful (which is to be expected) there are those you would rather avoid. Like in real life, people are different. Some of them are bad and they may hurt you. Be careful who you befriend!

Every hiking trip brings new experience. If this is your first time in nature, you will definitely love it.

Hiking gives us an opportunity to escape our monotonous daily life and to reconnect with the nature. Make the best out of it!

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