Wilderness camping

A mini guide to the highs and lows of wilderness camping and what to make sure you pack and take along with you.

Before the fun starts

If you have never been wilderness camping before it is vital to really have a great plan before you even set out. It would be considered extremely stupid and dangerous not to consider all of the risks that you could encounter and make sure you are well prepared and equipped for them before you leave home. It should go without saying that for those that are inexperienced at camping and for those travelling with children, extra care and caution should be taken at every single step. Many campers would recommend camping with an experienced friend for the first time just to make sure you are comfortable with everything before you set off on your own. If that is not possible, please do use this guide for friendly advice but do not rely solely on internet articles for your safety. Remember, always call the emergency services as a first point of call in life and death situations.


Things to take with you

Any good camping trip will need all of the basics which hopefully you already have covered. For example, a good tent and sleeping bags are a no-brainer. You must have enough food and water provisions or be able to get some at the location. You should consider a first aid kit and how you will find transport to and from the site. Apart from these basic things however, there are some much less obvious things to consider to take along with you too.


A multi tool

It is likely that you will already have most of your camping equipment ready to go, including the right tools that you will need to set it up. However, have you considered taking along a multi-tool instead? Multi-tools can combine over 20 different tools all into one small package meaning you have a lot less to carry around. Also, by having such a multi-tool in your pocket, it is always handy in an emergency. Several multi-tool reviews can be found here to help you make the right selection :



Fun and games

Whether you are travelling with old friends or new companions, having something fun to do in the evenings is a must. In many parts of the world it gets dark extremely early and without anywhere to plug in your phone or other gadgets you must rely on human company for entertainment! Why not take along with you a pack of cards? It is a simple idea but people from almost every country are familiar with the standard pack of cards and you can use it to make friends even across and language barrier.


After the fun – be responsible!

Camping is a brilliant hobby and it is likely you will have a fantastic time and be ready to go again almost immediately after getting home. Although before you leave the campsite, please remember to be responsible. There is a good catchphrase that is used in many national parks around the world. It states that you should “leave only your footprints”. This means that you should not leave behind any waste at all. Even food waste can be really problematic in areas as wild animals will be attracted to the site and may become aggressive towards other campers. Please do the right thing and take all of your waste with you and make sure you recycle it back at home. Remember plastic that makes its ways into the rivers and oceans takes 300 years to break down, and even then it only breaks down into small pieces which animals end up eating. Enjoy camping but please ensure you don’t add to the plastic crisis in the oceans!

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