The Top 5 Things to Do in Singapore in February

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February is an awesome month if you happen to be heading to Singapore because there’s a lot going on there this month. To get an idea of what we are talking about, read on.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year

On February 16, we will step into the 4716th Chinese Year, aka the Year of the Dog, and rest assured that the celebrations in Singapore are going to be grand. As always, red will be the color everywhere to ward off Nien and expect a whole lot of firecrackers to put up a wonderful spectacle. Popular places to hang out for the day include the Formula One Pit Building for the Chingay Parade and of course Chinatown; which will be bustling with people, lights, firecrackers, exquisite Chinese delicacies, fire-eaters, and lion-dancers, to name just a few of the attractions.

Witness the Singapore Airshow

No other airshow in Asia is as big at the moment as the Singapore Airshow and if you are planning to go there February 6 – 11, you just can’t miss it. Aside from the usual displays of stunning aerobatics by aircrafts both military and commercial, there will also be a lot of the latest technology in the aircraft industry on display for the general public to see for two whole days. If you happen to be an aviation enthusiast or a pilot yourself, you will love it.

Party to the Beats of Dash Berlin

The Dutch legends of electro music came to Singapore in 2017 and Dash Berlin are coming back again this February at the Zouk Club on February 17, so if you love letting your feet dance to the beats of electro music, Singapore has you covered.

Laugh Out Loud with Russell Peters

The only thing better than to see Russell Peters on TV is to see the world-famous Canadian comedian live. Watch him roast stereotypes and just about anyone and everyone at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 24th. Be warned that this would be a hard ticket to get since the comedian has not done standup shows for a while now and it would be his first tour in Asia since 2016.

The Grimmsneyland Adventures

As the name might have already given it away, Grimmsneyland is a somewhat wicked version of Disneyland where the fairy tale characters are more suited for adults than children! You actually become a part of the adventure in this fairyland and every guest is fully expected to play their roles as farmers, villagers, or bystanders with the utmost enthusiasm. Themed food is part of the package at Grimmsneyland, and to add to the enigmatic factor, nobody really knows where it is going to be held and only the interested ones who sign up for the experience will be notified later on.

If you were wondering if you had missed the best time of the year to visit Singapore, now you know that you have not. In fact, February is most certainly, one of the best months of the year to visit the country. In case you are heading to Singapore from India, it is recommended that you book Mumbai to Singapore flight tickets as soon as possible because the ticket prices for this month are only going to go up with each passing day.

Have fun!

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