The Major Perks of an Airport Hotel

Adding additional extras onto your travel plans have been proven to make your travel day easier on the stress levels, tiredness levels, and increase enjoyment. Throw into this the fact that they don’t cost the earth, and can sometimes save you money, and you’d be crazy not to seriously consider it!

 For me, the perks of an airport hotel seriously outweigh the added cost, and even the cost on top isn’t that much, especially if you combine your hotel with airport parking. I am a hotel convert nowadays, preferring the luxury and rest over tiredness and stress. I often use some of the different hotels near Manchester Airport, which whilst not on site, still offer the same level of service and shuttle buses to the terminal, or a quick five minutes’ drive to park up. offer great deals on hotels both on-site and nearby at many nationwide airports, so I’d highly recommend you check this out.

 Airport hotels are a great way to not only start your holiday a night earlier, but to get proper rest and relaxation before you fly. If you have an early flight, this also cuts out the need to get up at the crack of dawn or earlier to travel to the airport, bleary-eyed and half asleep. Arriving at the check in desk freshly showered, feeling good about yourself, well rested, and raring to go is always preferably to feeling like you’ve just fallen out of bed and crawled there.

 If you need any further convincing, are you travelling with children? If you are, a night in a hotel cuts out the need to wake the kids up too early, which then sets you on a fast-track to tantrums, tears, and overtiredness. This isn’t something you need when you’re travelling! Everyone getting enough sleep is the way to cut out the stress of travelling, and let’s face it, holidays are meant to be enjoyable things, not something we have to try and get through the first day of before the fun can start!

 Travelling to your chosen hotel, having a delicious meal, maybe a few drinks, watching a film in your room, and then getting plenty of shut eye, before waking up the next morning fresh and raring to go, taking your time to get ready, all safe in the knowledge that you’re minutes away from where you need to be – this is the quickest way to starting travel day in the best frame of mind.

 If you need further convincing, give it a try just once, I guarantee you’ll be hooked from that point onwards!

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