3 Great Trips for Your Family

There are so many things to do around the country these days. Thanks to modern transportation, we can go wherever whenever we want. Unfortunately, though, true family friendly vacations are becoming scarce.

There aren’t many places you can go where you won’t find foul language or alcohol in abundance. Some are even worse, but pure family fun still exists. Below are three places that shouldn’t be foreign to you, but maybe you just haven’t thought about in a while.

Family Reunion

How big is your family? If it’s like most, it’s huge and scattered across at least a few states. The old fashioned family reunion promises to deliver memories for sure. There are games to play, all those cousins to catch up with, and all that home cooking! Yum! Here, your kids will learn where they came from. They will begin to understand where they fit and that they are as special as goofy Uncle Ted and as beautiful in spirit as Nana.

They learn respect and awe when hearing the stories of the elders and figure out that good old fashioned home cooked meals are where it’s at, when it comes to food. When you suggest it to your children, don’t expect a lot of excitement the first time, but know they will enjoy themselves greatly, and will beg you to go next year.

This whole experience might even be made all the more magical if it is a reunion of family members that you didn’t know you had, but have discovered on sites like https://www.genealogybank.com/explore/census/all. Genealogy Bank lets you discover your family tree and many distant relatives.

Summer Camp

Summer camp as a vacation?! Absolutely! There are so many different kinds of camps for children to get involved in. For your geeky nerd, you have several different science camps to choose from. One of the favored is a forensic science camp where you learn to solve a case like the actors in the CSI shows.

For your jocks, you have an unyielding abundance of athletic camps. Of course there are summer football and basketball camps, but here, you may want to involve them in something like rock climbing or ropes courses. There are plenty of other types of camps to choose from, as well. Want to involve the whole family? Volunteer! Many camps welcome the help.


There is nothing like fresh air and sunshine! Take your family hiking. Now, this could just be a day trip or part of the camping experience, but thanks to technology, hiking with kids is harder and harder as they see less and less of the great outdoors. Depending on the physical capabilities of the whole crew, there are several ways you could go with this. If your family likes a challenge, find a trail that’s longer and has some climbing involved.

It will not only challenge them physically, but also teach them teamwork. If they need a little less of a challenge, choose a shorter path with several spots to take pictures along the way. Either way, you’re going to make some great memories. Even if it’s about the time, Mom got her leg stuck in the mud and everyone fell in trying to pull her out.

So, go out there and vacation with your family the old fashioned way and make some great memories.

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